The Top 7 Things to Do on a Jinja Excursion Trip


Before you leave for your tour of Jinja, here are a few ideas about fun things to do in Jinja. Jinja is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda, about 81km from Kampala. Jinja is situated on Lake Victoria’s shores, close to the source of the Nile River. Hence, fun activities in Jinja will consist of a range of water sports.

The top 7 things to do in Jinja include:

Jet boating; Take your family or friends for a motorized trip on the Nile in a speedboat reaching a speed of 90km/hr. The jumps, the wind, the spins, the sprays are unforgettable.

Kayaking; Experienced and first time kayakers have a lot to experience on the Nile. There are instructors too who coach first time paddlers before they take on the untamed waters of the Nile.

White-water rafting; Explore the Nile by taking on its rapids. Some of the rapids are intense Grave IV and V rapids.  The Nile is one of the best white water rafting destinations in Africa.

Bungee jumping; Plunge about 44m from a platform above the Nile River. If you want adrenaline pumping action, this is your call.

Boat cruise; Take in the beautiful landscape through day cruises on River Nile or on Lake Victoria. Sunset cruises over the lake are magical.

Sport Fishing; Test your fishing skills in one of the best fishing spots in East Africa. Fishing tours are offered on the Nile and on Lake Victoria. Your best catch ought to be the Nile perch.

Explore waterfalls; There are so many waterfalls to visit in and around Jinja. They include Ssezibwa Falls located 23km off the Kampala-Jinja highway in Mukono and Itanda Falls located about 27 kilometers from Jinja and the drive will take about 45 minutes. Located along the River Nile in Jinja, Itanda Falls is the hidden treasure that is a must see. Known to kayakers and rafters, including Prince William of Great Britain, this stretch of the Nile is what eluded many visiting Uganda for a long time. Because of the disappearance of Bujagali Falls after a new power dam was constructed there, Itanda falls has gained popularity and the attention has been placed on this jewel of the Nile.
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The source of the Nile and adventure sports: Attractions of Jinja


Small town on the shores of Africa’s largest lake, Jinja is not only the source of the mighty river Nile, but also a fascinating and scenic area with excellent facilities for adventure sports. This lively lakeside town is also close to some of the largest forest reserves in Uganda with their fascinating flora and fauna. In another words, Jinja is the gateway to the tropical Ugandan nature.

The source of the Nile and a lively lakeside town on the coast of Lake Victoria, Jinja is known as the adventure capital of Eastern Africa. This is thanks to the foaming water of the Nile offering excellent possibilities for rafting in Jinja, or in accordance with Lake Victoria, also for kayaking in Jinja. The most famous rafting spot in the area, Bujagali Falls is also an awe-inspiring sight introducing you the power of the Nile.

Nature wonders. Another famous attraction near Jinja, Mabira Forest Reserve is one of the largest forest areas in Central Uganda. This popular Ugandan nature park hosts grasslands, forested valleys and an astonishing variety of bird and monkey species to be admired, in addition to which there are many suitable trails for trekking near Jinja. Complementing the outdoor sport possibilities of Jinja, there is also a 9-hole course available for golf in Jinja, not to mention the possibilities offered by Lake Victoria for sailing, sports fishing and surfing.

Cultural attractions. Apart from its natural attractions, Jinja offers also fascinating cultural sites such as Satya Narayan Hindu Temple with its bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi. A less of a religious experience, Jinja also hosts a famous brewery which gives you a taste of local beer that is highly popular in Africa, Nile Special Lager. Possibilities for nightlife in Jinja are quite modest, although some bars and international late-night restaurants are available.

Practical information for your trip to Jinja. Weather in Jinja town is tropically warm with monthly high temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius available most of the year. There are two rainy seasons, the first of which is between March and May, and the other between October and November. As these wet periods often meet heavy rainfall, traveling to Jinja is best advisable between December and February or between June and September.

How to get there. Located in Eastern Africa, 85 km northeast of Uganda’s capital Kampala, Jinja is best reached by air. Traveling to Jinja by air is easiest through Entebbe International Airport or through the Kenyan capital Nairobi, which is the main air travel hub of Eastern Africa and offers frequent bus connections also to Jinja. Bicycle taxis are the most popular choice for moving around in Jinja, safaris are arranged from Jinja to several Ugandan National Parks, and car rental in Jinja is also available.

Tourism services. Uganda might not be the world’s most popular travel destination, but Jinja is one of the best equipped destinations within the country. Therefore, you can find comfortable hotels in Jinja, as well as variable restaurants in Jinja which offer you international food or Ugandan culinary specialties. Talking of shopping in Jinja, there are some interesting possibilities available. Uganda may not be one of the safest countries on Earth, but Jinja is much safer than many other areas of the country. Therefore, especially if you travel from Kampala, which is also considered a quite safe destination, your trip to Jinja will be quite safe.

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Jinja Excursion – Uganda 1 Day Tours | Travel 256


Located in the south-eastern Uganda, Jinja is an important town economically and historically. About 80 kilometres from the capital city of Kampala, it is easily accessible by road, air, and water, which happens to be a crucial reason that it is one of the major economies in the East African Community. Jinja was founded in the early years of the 20th century by the British and acted as a strategically important administrative centre for controlling the Busoga region. In 1954, Owen Falls Dam (now known as Nalubaale Power Station) was completed which provided electricity to the region making Jinja the industrial centre for Uganda.

The biggest tourist attraction in Jinja, home of the source of the Nile also known as the White Nile. From here White Nile starts its journey that goes through South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt to finally end into the Mediterranean Sea. The area near the source of the Nile is a hub for adventure sports such as white-water rafting, kayaking, quad biking, mountain biking, horseback riding and bungee jumping. On the western side of the river, there are mesmerizing source of the Nile gardens and a Speke Monument (to commemorate the discovery of the source of the Nile by John Hanning Speke). It is next to impossible not to fall in love with the pristine beauty and ambience of this place.

Whitewater rafting or kayaking are two adventure sports that every tourist must try in the varying rapids of the Nile. Depending on whether you want to work in a team (rafting) or want a more personal experience (kayaking), you can choose one of them. Safety is of paramount importance here and your instructor/guide will make sure that you are safe at all times. You can also choose only those regions of the Nile where rapids are safer for beginners and require basic maneuvering only. Another famous adventure sport activity is quad-bike safari which will take you to the off the beaten track alongside the Nile from Bujagali to nearby villages and local trading centre. If that is not enough, horseback riding is also there to make your day full of adventure activities. Excursions & day tours to Jinja and other places in Uganda will surprise you with more than you ever expected. These excursions & day tours are tailor-made for those tourists who don’t have a week or two to cover a good part of Uganda.

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1 day Self-Drive Trip in Jinja – Jinja Tours

Jinja Town is a place of adventure and one of the other places that you can visit in one day on a self-drive trip. Jinja town can be visited from Entebbe or Kampala so depending on where you will be, it might be one to two hours drive. This trip offers you an opportunity to visit many sites on your Jinja tour that include: Mabira Forest, Ssezibwa falls, Tea and sugar plantations, Source of the Nile, white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, community walks, horseback riding and also go for quad biking .

Mabira Forest

Mabira forest is about 40 minutes drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is the only remain nature low land tropical rain-forest in central Uganda. Under controversy two years ago when the government wanted to give it away to sugar growers, Mabira forest remains one of the leading tourism site for one to go for nature and forest walks to see birds and primates. One or two hour nature walk will expose you to the beauty of the forest and if you want to stay for overnights, there some accommodation properties as well.

The source of the Nile River

In Jinja town, you may visit the source of the Nile and see the point where The Mighty River Nile starts its journey through Sudan, Egypt and on to Mediterranean Sea. It is the point where the first European man by names of John Speke managed to see that River water was separating from lake water. One has to take a boat ride to reach the exact place where this happens. At the source of the Nile, one is able to do some bird watching and also have some refreshments. If you are an adventure tourist, you may join our trips on River Nile for white water rafting.

Sugar and tea plantations

As you drive to Jinja town, you will not miss out on tea and sugar plantations. You will have an opportunity to see people harvesting tea and trucks emerging from sugar plantation carrying sugarcane pieces. If you have time, you may pass by Ssezibwa falls to get insight about Buganda kingdom. Ssezibwa Falls is the only river believed to have been born by a woman therefore its worthwhile to visit. It is one of the sites associated to Buganda Kingdom where you learn one or two things about the Kingdom.

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