The Top 7 Things to Do on a Jinja Excursion Trip


Before you leave for your tour of Jinja, here are a few ideas about fun things to do in Jinja. Jinja is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda, about 81km from Kampala. Jinja is situated on Lake Victoria’s shores, close to the source of the Nile River. Hence, fun activities in Jinja will consist of a range of water sports.

The top 7 things to do in Jinja include:

Jet boating; Take your family or friends for a motorized trip on the Nile in a speedboat reaching a speed of 90km/hr. The jumps, the wind, the spins, the sprays are unforgettable.

Kayaking; Experienced and first time kayakers have a lot to experience on the Nile. There are instructors too who coach first time paddlers before they take on the untamed waters of the Nile.

White-water rafting; Explore the Nile by taking on its rapids. Some of the rapids are intense Grave IV and V rapids.  The Nile is one of the best white water rafting destinations in Africa.

Bungee jumping; Plunge about 44m from a platform above the Nile River. If you want adrenaline pumping action, this is your call.

Boat cruise; Take in the beautiful landscape through day cruises on River Nile or on Lake Victoria. Sunset cruises over the lake are magical.

Sport Fishing; Test your fishing skills in one of the best fishing spots in East Africa. Fishing tours are offered on the Nile and on Lake Victoria. Your best catch ought to be the Nile perch.

Explore waterfalls; There are so many waterfalls to visit in and around Jinja. They include Ssezibwa Falls located 23km off the Kampala-Jinja highway in Mukono and Itanda Falls located about 27 kilometers from Jinja and the drive will take about 45 minutes. Located along the River Nile in Jinja, Itanda Falls is the hidden treasure that is a must see. Known to kayakers and rafters, including Prince William of Great Britain, this stretch of the Nile is what eluded many visiting Uganda for a long time. Because of the disappearance of Bujagali Falls after a new power dam was constructed there, Itanda falls has gained popularity and the attention has been placed on this jewel of the Nile.
Interested in exploring Jinja’s most exciting places, contact us via or call +256-701367970.


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