A Day Trip From Kampala To Jinja, Uganda

A day trip to Jinja will take you through Uganda’s most historical and adventure attractions such as the human-born Ssezibwa falls in Mukono, the ecologically diverse Mabira Forest Reserve, visit the source of the Nile river; the world’s longest river, and explore the historical town of Jinja.

After your early breakfast, we drive to Jinja passing through different towns and tea and sugar plantations to the historical town of Jinja. We make our first stop at the cultural Ssebizwa Falls – a favorite place of rest and healing for the Kabakas (Kings) of Buganda Kingdom. It is believed to have been born by a Ganda woman, a visit to this site will leave you marveling at Uganda’s mysteries.

Pass through Mabira Forest; one of Uganda’s thick rain-forests which is home to over 300 species of birds and over 218 kinds of butterflies. You can do ziplining in Mabira forest and enjoy the spectacular views of the forest from above. There are over 312 tree and plant species. You will also find lots of monkey and other mammals in Mabira Forest walking underneath this canopy of an African Rainforest is an almost spiritual experience. Taste on the chama choma (roasted beef), roasted bananas (bogoya) and roasted chicken and then proceed to Jinja.

Have a delicious meal in Jinja and then visit the source of the Nile river, a quiet Park, with many souvenirs that you can buy. As you stand on the Nile, you can hear the gurgling water, watch fishermen throwing their nets, taking in the longest river in Africa, you can close your eyes and sense history.

Take a Boat ride to the source of the Nile and beyond the lake, great picture opportunities for you. Then it is off to town, which at one time was the industrial capital of Uganda, now-a-days it is a sleepy town filled with lots of old Indian styled homes, reflecting the many Indians who lived here in the pre-Amin area.

We go on for our return to the Kampala in time for dinner at your hotel. Get in touch with us to arrange your day trip to Jinja from Kampala by sending us an email via info@jinjatours.com or call us on +256701367970.


Rewarding Cheap White Water Rafting on The Nile River, Uganda

Uganda is Africa’s premier adventure destination endowed with a lot of adrenaline activities. Rafting on the Nile river is one of a life-changing adrenaline activity participated in by the majority of the adventure travelers to Uganda.

Taking a cheap rafting tour in Jinja is extremely rewarding with either a short day rafting trip or a full day rafting trip in Uganda.

The rafting trips takes you through the astonishing different levels of rapid grades up-to Grade V making the River Nile one of the world’s best rafting destinations.

With our experienced guides to guide you all the way through the rapids, rafting on the Nile is the experience you shouldn’t miss on your African tour.

Traveling with family to Uganda on an adventure trip, family floating trips on the Nile is a rewarding experience to encounter on your vacation.

Be scared-free, rafting in Uganda is very safe; wear your helmet, put-on your life-jacket and listen to your guide… All will be extremely exciting and fun!

Customize your safari to Uganda by adding rafting on the Nile with other awesome things to do in Uganda. Contact us to help you organize your adventure holiday in Uganda. Send us an email via info@jinjatours.com or call us on +256701367970.

Kayaking On The River Nile Adventure

A trip to Uganda, is not complete without visiting the River Nile, and we believe that the best way to explore the world’s longest river is on the water itself. There is something for everyone from adrenaline seekers to birdwatchers.

Grade 5 Tandem Kayaking is the ultimate activity for thrill seekers and allows you (with little or no experience of kayaking before) to take on some of the biggest and best rapids in a single day.

Our introductory day to White Water kayaking is an opportunity to learn the skills that you need, even if you have never been in a kayak before, to enjoy some of the whitewater that the Nile has to offer. This is sure to give you a memorable experience, off the tourist trail.

If an adrenaline rush is not what you’re after and you’d prefer to relax, float down the river with a cooler of chilled drinks then a ‘Sit-On-Top’ Tour at the Source of the Nile is for you. Our knowledgeable local guide will help you spot some of the 80 species of birds on the Nile whilst sharing his local knowledge at the source of the Nile and Lake Victoria.

We can arrange pick-ups from Kampala or Jinja and tailor our trips to suit your needs.

The Busoga Kyabazinga Royal Trail In Jinja – Jinja Tours Uganda

The Busoga Kingdom Ministry of Tourism and Heritage presents the Kyabazinga Royal Trail to enrich you with the rich and diverse cultures and people of the Busaga region and support the development of local tourism attractions in the Busoga.

The Kingdom of Busoga (Obwakyabazinga bwa Busoga) is one Uganda’s most respected and much organized kingdoms in Africa. The Basoga were organized into chiefdoms and paid allegiance to the Bunyoro Kingdom and later Buganda. After the coming of the British colonialists, the chiefdoms of Busoga were amalgamated to form the Busoga Lukiiko which was first headed by Semei Kakunguku a Muganda British Collaborator. After the end of Kakungulu’s tenure, the Basoga maintained the arrangement and the title of Isebantu Kyabazinga was born and eventual Busoga settled for a centralized monarchy that it enjoys up to today under the kingship of His Highness William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope IV.

The Kyabazinga Royal Trail is to expose you to the royal, historical and cultural sites of the Busoga Kingdom for a deep understanding of the Busoga kingdom that
hold a strong history and cultural significance to Uganda.

The Busoga region is endowed with a lot of cultural and historical sites that are to be explored on the Kyabazinga Royal Trail which include; The Iganga Palace, Mpumudde Hill, Jinja Cultural Centre, Budhumbula Palace, Iyinga Landing Site, Kagulu Rock, Wanyange Afro Tourism, Bishop Hannington Site, Nyenga Hill, and the famous Source of the Nile.

Package Details

The tour package is scheduled on 29th and 30th July 2017 starting from either Kampala or Jinja at 8:00am.

On Day 1, you will visit the The Iganga Palace, Mpumudde Hill, Jinja Cultural Centre, Budhumbula Palace, Iyinga Landing Site and Kagulu Rock.

On Day 2, you will visit the Wanyange Afro Tourism, Bishop Hannington Site, Nyenga Hill, and the spectacular Source of the Nile.

Package Cost for Two Days

Starting from Jinja 70,000= each for only transport and activities

Starting from Kampala 250,000= each for transport, accommodation, activities and meals.

To book this package, Contact us now through info@jinjatours.com or call us on +256 701 367 970.

Uganda Offers A Fascinating Rafting Adventure Destination

Extra-Ordinary Bungee Jumping in Jinja Adventurous Trip to Uganda

Bungee jumping in Jinja is one of the most spectacular adrenaline sights you can imagine. The views from the bungee tower are sensational and when the tower is not in use for jumping a troop of Vervet monkeys stand guard against the Nile River.

The views over the source of the Nile – the world’s longest river lead you to dozens of heavily forested islands with flocks of long-tailed cormorants swimming in the swirling currents below and crowds of onlookers cheering from the nearby bar. Jinja Bungee is 44m above the waters of the Nile River and this gives jumpers the opportunity to water touch – a single splash in the river on the first bounce; and you can do it with a friend!

The tower can jump 235kgs at once so you can choose a big friend, a bicycle, chair, kayak or just about anything you can imagine. By far the most popular way to jump is using the ankle tie but there is the option of a full-body harness as well. This means you can somersault from the edge or choose any form of freestyle that will give you the best bragging rights in the photographs.

Contact us today to inquire about bungee jumping trip in Uganda and other adrenaline tours. Send us an email via info@jinjatours.com or call us on +256701367970.

Must Know About Mabira Forest Canopy Zip Lining Adventure in Uganda

Mabira Forest Canopy Zip Lining Adventure in Uganda

See Nature from New Heights with zip-lining adrenaline tour in Mabira Forest. Exhilarating outdoor Uganda Adventure as you sight primates and birds in the rainforest. Here are some of the things you should know for an ultimate zip-lining tour in Uganda.

What are the health/physical requirements for zipling? Those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should consult a physician prior to making a reservation. Guests should be prepared for light physical exertion while navigating stairs and walking trails in Mabira forest. Guests must be able to hold to their slings with one hand, and bear weight on both legs for extended periods of time without the use of aids. Our tour is not recommended for those who are pregnant, or those who experience dizziness, seizures, or have any other physical impairments.

Can I bring my camera? Cameras are definitely welcome! It is best to ensure your camera has a strap or lanyard – this way our guides can attach your camera to your harness with a carabiner. Please note that the safety of all personal items is not guaranteed.

What should I wear on a zip-line adrenaline tour? Please wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing. Skirts and scarves should be avoided. Long hair will need to be tied back. Comfortable closed-toe and closed-heeled shoes are preferred – no sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or high heels.

Is zip-lining in Mabira forest safe? The top priority is the well being of each and every guest who takes part in the tour. All equipment utilized has been engineered and meets or exceeds industry standards to ensure an enjoyable experience for our guests. Ziplines and platforms are inspected daily for a safe and secure adrenaline tour in Uganda. In addition, the guides are thoroughly trained in every aspect of working at heights, so you can feel confident you are in good hands while on your tour.

You can contact us through info@jinjatours.com or simply call us on +256-701367970.

Uganda Zip-lining Adventure Trip – Jinja Tours

Zipping Adventure Tour in Uganda

Experience and explore the Mabira Forest canopy just makes you behave like monkeys! The Mabira Forest zip-lining system that sends you soaring between the tallest trees in the rainforest. Located 44kms East of Kampala City, outside of Lugazi town at the griffin falls camp , the zip-lining makes for you a great day.

You are led to pass through ancient trees by experienced zip-lining guides across a network of 5 zip-lines that stretches 250 metres across River Musamya. High up in the canopy one is able to enjoy a view of the forest layers, mammals like grey cheeked mangabeys and red tailed monkeys, birds like palm nut vultures, African fish eagles, great blue turacos and the roaring griffin falls, making your zip-lining safari a memorable day!

The hike back from the zip-line takes you past the beautiful Griffin Falls and back to the camp which offers accommodation, meals, mountain biking among others. The Zip-lining experience takes a maximum of 4 hours.

Contact Jinja Tours  through info@jinjatours.com or call our travel expert on +256701367970 for more information and booking your zip-linning safari in Uganda

Amazing Uganda Rafting Safari on the Nile River

cropped-raft-the-nile.jpgAmazing Uganda Rafting Safari on the Nile River

White water rafting is one of the most amazing water fun in Uganda. Uganda being the only country with the source of the longest river in the world about 6700kms length. It isn’t just about white water, there is so much more. In addition to rafting you can kayak the Nile, The source of the Nile is about 70kms away from Kampala city center and this takes you about 2 hrs to get to Jinja town.

There are 3 recommendable white water rafting companies that you can be associated with. The Adrift, The river Nile explorers and the Nalubale rafting. These companies offer full day and half day rafting experiences. You will raft the grade 5 and more other rapids till the end and should you need a half day, it is absolutely possible. This water fun activity requires you book in advance by emailing them or call them to have you included on the list.

However, you are recommended to pay on arrival the day before the rafting experience. Jinja Tours can as well book this for you on request. So much fun awaits you at this longest river including grade 3 full day rafting, water floats and grade 3 two day rafting. This activity begins at about 10am and ends at 5pm a distance of about 30kms. Depending on the number of rafters, you will share a boat and if you are a group of friends you can ask to have your own boat.

As always there is a safety boat to hold on to the medical first aid for rescues and so are the safety kayaks. Usually before you get to the rapids, the safety boat goes first on the rapids which never flips and half of the safety kayaks follow. Boat per boat goes past the rapids as the safety kayaks keep an eye on any of the boat that flips over for immediate rescue. After all boats are gone past the rapid, then the remaining half of the safety kayaks follow as well.

Because you don’t go with your camera equipment, to capture those moments, you don’t need to worry. There is always one of the kayaks who goes fast before you and when he gets a good spot to shoot, he does randomly to every boat and at the end they will sell you the shots and videos you like at a shared price.

An the end of the rafting, there is always barbecue and drinks to refresh as you warm up to head back to your accommodation. The rafting company takes care of the transport to and from the rafting sites and all the refreshments. There are numerous hotels in all categories to fit your budget in Jinja.

Contact us today to arrange your adventure safari in Uganda by sending us an email via info@jinjatours.com or call our travel experts on +256701367970.

Uganda Adventure Safari | Jinja Tours | Gorilla & Wildlife Safari

raft-the-nileUganda Adventure Safari – 6 Days

6 Days Uganda tour is designed to showcase the very best of Uganda wildlife and adventure sports- Enjoy game drives, boat rides, gorilla trekking , source of the nile tour and half day white water rafting in Jinja.

Day 1: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth Park  
Embark on a scenic 6 hour drive to Queen Elizabeth National park with en-route stop overs at the Equator, Mbarara town plus crater lakes exploration in Bushenyi village.  Dinner and overnight stay at lodge/ camp.

Day 2: Game Drive & Kazinga Channel Boat ride
After an early morning breakfast, embark on a guided game drive along the Kasenyi plains track which offers the spectacular views of the wildlife and park scenery. Expect to encounter wild animals like Lions, buffaloes, elephants, hartebeests, warthogs, elands, bushbucks, Kobs among others. Return to the lodge for lunch and short nap- In the afternoon, transfer to Kazinga channel for a boat ride , expect sightings of hippos, buffaloes, elephants, birds on the banks of this small channel which joins Lake George to Edward.  Dinner and overnight at  lodge/ camp .

Day 3: Transfer to Bwindi National Park
Enjoy an early breakfast and check out of the lodge for transfer to Bwindi park. We will take you for another game drive passing via the Ishasha sector for a chance to encounter tree climbing lions.   We reach Bwindi forest late afternoon- Dinner and overnight at Lodge/ Camp/ Forest bandas.

Day 4: Gorilla trekking adventure
The ultimate moment with the endangered mountain gorillas awaits you  this morning in a thrilling 3-6 hour hike through the forest. You will be given an hour in the midst of the gorillas, Take pictures and watch them as they play , feed and swing from tree to tree.  Enjoy your parked lunch in the Jungles of the thick forest and  return to the lodge late afternoon. Take some rest and later enjoy a guided walk through the local communities neighboring the park. Dinner and overnight stay a Lodge/ camp/ Bandas

Day 5: Transfer back to Kampala
After an early breakfast, check out of the lodge and embark on long drive back to Kampala using the Kasese – Fort Portal road where you will get chance to see the peaks of Mountain Rwenzori roaming over Toro kingdom.

Day 6- Transfer to Jinja town – White water rafting & Source of Nile Tour
Early in the morning, you will be transferred to eastern Uganda for adventure tour in Jinja town.  Enjoy a half day rafting trip on the nile and thereafter you will be driven to the Source of the Nile for a boat ride to the very spot where Speke stood and spotted the Rippon falls.Crown it up with a guided tour around Jinja town where you will explore places like the main market, craft shops and landing sites. Return to Kampala arriving in the evening.